Poopsheet Jr. #3, Sept 2002

Posted: Tuesday, October 1, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

The Zine World and Beyond

Rick Bradford, editor
PO Box 2235 / Fredericksburg, TX / 78624 USA

The old Poopsheet website is currently inactive, but the current incarnation of it can be found in the combination of the Poopsheet News site (http://azure.bbboy.net/poopsheetnews) and Poopsheet Jr. (you're reading it). Officially, I'm not reviewing zines and comix. Unofficially, however, I continue to produce these outlets for information, as well as the occasional review for OBSCURITY UNLIMITED or XEROGRAPHY DEBT.

Poopsheet Jr. goes out to the Poopsheet e-mail list and hard copies will go out in my mailings. If you'd like a copy of the paper version, just send a 37 cent stamp. If you'd like to receive the e-mail version, send your address. Feel free to make copies and distribute Poopsheet Jr. yourself. If you reprint it in your zine, all I ask is credit and that my e-mail address is listed.

Following is a look at what's hit my PO Box since last issue.

AFTER THE SNOOTER by Eddie Campbell, CREATURE TECH by Doug TenNapel, DOUBLECROSS: MORE OR LESS by Tony Consiglio, EDDIE CAMPBELL'S EGOMANIA #1, HAPPY #2 by Josh Simmons, LAND OF O by Michael Slack, PINKY & STINKY by James Kochalka, THREE FINGERS by Rich Koslowski, TRENCHES by Scott Mills, WHAT A LONG STRANGE STRIP IT'S BEEN by Keith Knight

(Top Shelf Productions / http://topshelfcomix.com)
Whew! That's the bulk of what Top Shelf put out this summer. Not a bad few months of production. AFTER THE SNOOTER is Eddie Campbell's latest Alec graphic novel. Fans of the FROM HELL movie will want to check this out. CREATURE TECH is a nicely-designed and well-drawn graphic novel from the amazing Doug TenNapel (creator of GEAR and THE NEVERHOOD). DOUBLECROSS: MORE OR LESS is the latest from Tony Consiglio. EDDIE CAMPBELL'S EGOMANIA is what Campbell supposes to be the magazine into which the old BACCHUS monthly was trying to evolve. Lots of comics, a feature on Lew Sayre Schwartz, an article on painter Jules Lefebvre and a bit on the FROM HELL premiere. The second issue of HAPPY, by Josh Simmons, promises to be just as nutty and beautiful as the first. LAND OF O is a quirky Xeric book by Michael Slack that's beautifully drawn. I want more. PINKY & STINKY is a cute story about a couple of cute piggies who go into space and live happily ever after. This is a nice one to pick up for your kids. THREE FINGERS is a documentary that goes behind the scenes for the hard dirt on your favorite cartoon stars. If it's in this book, it must be true. TRENCHES is Scott Mills' follow-up to the critically acclaimed BIG CLAY POT. This new one's a World War I story. WHAT A LONG STRANGE STRIP IT'S BEEN is the latest collection of Keith Knight's THE K CHRONICLES strip. Very funny and socially relevant stuff.

(102-40 67th Dr., #3A / Forest Hills, NY / 11375 USA)
Don't really know what's going on here. Childlike drawings and goofy pop culture references. I'm sure I'm missing the joke.

Now *this* is something! An art/comix anthology edited by Josh Simmons (HAPPY, etc.). The content should be self-explanatory and this issue's got work by Simmons, Claudio Parentela, Bruno Nadalin, Marc van Elburg, sub-zero permafrost and others. Plus: cartoonified foto funnies. Not for kiddies or squeamish grown-ups, but fun just the same. [See my review in XEROGRAPHY DEBT #9 for more info.]

($4.25 ppd from Tim Doyle / 924 E. 40th, #106 / Austin, TX / 78751 USA. Web: lowfashion.com/timdoyle)
A fun diary comic from Tim Doyle, wherein each day is represented by a strip. The format and availability are similar to SNAKE PIT, but the content is quite different. In addition to the diary strips, there are also fun pin-ups, longer comics and other features. The price above is for the first collection (six months worth of strips). If you want to try a less expensive sample, you can get one of the monthly issues for a SASE (digest size or bigger).

($3.95 + post. from Adam Suerte / Studio DP / 516 State St. / Brooklyn, NY / 11217 USA. Web: http://www.adamsuerte.com)
An interesting blend of graphic languages, APRENDIZ tells the story of the author's tattooing apprenticeship. Suerte's style is really nice very clean and fluid and the color wraparound cover is a beaut. The book definitely left me wanting more. Recommended.

Coverage of the legitimate arts scene in Austin. A few reviews, notices, interview with Jeanne Hospod, a few articles, Sims Ellison, poetry, etc.

($3.95 + post. from SLG Publishing / PO Box 26427 / San Jose, CA / 95159-6427 USA. Web: http://www.slavelabor.com, http://babyheadmagazine.com)
BABYHEAD is the genius illegitimate child of writer/cartoonist/designer Chris Jordan. It's super funny, designed really well and recommended especially to thirtysomething nostalgia geeks. Gary Coleman, Degrassi Jr. High, Josie & the Pussycats, pop sci-fi, lowbrow humor, cute chicks... BABYHEAD is the place for your one-stop shopping needs.

BEZANGO, WA 985 #6
(Steve Willis / PO Box 390 / McCleary, WA / 98557-0390 USA)
Steve Willis continues his look at the peculiar residents of a little town called Bezango. This issue is focused on Poetville, an area named such due to the coincidence... of many residents within this neighborhood having been named after famous poets. This is not quite the Willis comix some of you may be used to, but fascinating just the same.

($2.00 from Larned Justin / PO Box 471 / House Springs, MO / 63051 USA. Web: http://go.to/candidcartoons)
The first issue of Larned's new offshoot from OUT OF THE BLUE. 28 reviews of comix & zines with cover repros and art samples.

($2.00 ppd from Mark Campos / PO Box 20786 / Seattle, WA / 98102 USA)
Mark Campos illustrates (and finishes) Edward Lear's unfinished sequel to his poem The Owl and the Pussycat . Charming. Get one before they're gone.

($4.00 from Robin Bougie / #320-440 East 5th Ave. / Vancouver, BC / V5T-1N5 / CANADA)
One of the best movie zines I've ever read. Exploitation, kung fu, Jack Hill, war movies, suicide on TV, RATS, THINGS, a beautiful color cover by Rebecca Dart, lots of juicy cartooning inside from Robin Bougie, etc., etc. Highly Recommended. [See my review in XEROGRAPHY DEBT #9 for more info.]

($4.95 + post. from Robert Young / 326 Cabrill Dr. / Charleston, SC / 29414 USA)
THE COMICS INTERPRETER is an ever-improving and well-respected magazine about the comics industry. This one's an almost-all-LOVE & ROCKETS issue: interviews with Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez and Jamie Delano, plus L&R tributes from Nick Abadzis, David Choe and others. A new issue of TCI (Vol. 2, #1) will be available soon.

(free for a stamp from Comixville / PO Box 697 / Portland, OR / 97207-0697 USA)
Short reviews of around 35 comix. A bit like Poopsheet Jr., but nicer looking and with art repros. For a stamp you can't go wrong.

DEAD TREE #4: The American Funeral Home
($2.00 from Dead Tree Publishing / 140 Buena Vista St., Apt. K / Burbank, CA / 91505 USA. Web: http://www.geocities.com/deadtreebooks)
Comix anthology with Matthew Carver, Steven Redd, Edwin Ushiro and Patrick Williams. My favorite stuff is a funny apocalyptic comic that's not signed (Redd?) and everything by Williams (great stylistic cartooning and fake catalog pages).

(available for trade from Keith & Rosemary Walker / 6 Vine St. / Lancaster / LA1 4UF / ENGLAND)
FF is a plugzine similar to Poopsheet Jr., but there's more of a focus on SF and prose. Lots of stuff I've not yet seen. This thing is in its thirtieth year of publication!

(Carol Pond / 1861 Guilford Cir. / Thousand Oaks, CA / 91360 USA)
Carol Pond's been drawing one 2-hour comic for each week this summer and these are a few of her latest. I'm impressed by her dedication to this project; I don't think I would've lasted. Carol's comics are fun, punny and good for all ages. Check ϖem out.

FILEx - TARGET 6 13 - others
(Mark Sonnenfeld / 45-08 Old Millstone Dr. / East Windsor, NJ / 08520 USA)
These are one-sheets (some double-sided) of poetry and graphics. FILEx has a really funny poem by Timo Palonen (MUUNA TAKEENA) and TARGET 6 13 contains stream-of-consciousness reactions (from Mark Sonnenfeld and Andrew Topel) to a trip to a Target store.

($1.00 + post. from Carrie McNinch / PO Box 49403 / Los Angeles, CA / 90049 USA)
If you like food (especially healthier, more interesting, less popular dishes), then you'll love FOOD GEEK. Lots of articles, recipes and stories from folks like Carrie, Jerianne, Heather Seggel, Jay Koivu, Jim Cameron and others, plus comix (some of them recipes) from Carrie, Shawn Granton, Peter Conrad, Anne Thalheimer and Billy McKay. Also, lots of interesting letters. Recommended. Carrie says you can subscribe by sending a sample of your local chocolate or an old cookbook.

(John Tuschen / tuschenSTOP-@-SPAMchorus.net)
One-sheet with poetry on one side (this time by J. Rod Clark) and plugs/ads for local businesses on the other.

($3.50 plus post., I'd imagine from Meat Haus Press / 184 Kent Ave., Apt. 322 / Brooklyn, NY / 11211 USA)
Dash Shaw's GARDENHEAD is a beautiful examination/rumination of gender roles and identity in comics form. Shaw will make you think. Recommended. Also check out Shaw's LOVE EATS BRAINS!, a zombie romance comic (!).

(Brian Churchman / 7610 Cameron Rd., Apt. 2078 / Austin, TX / 78752 USA)
Unusual, apparently-autobiographical comic by Brian Churchman. You can probably get the latest issue for a couple of stamps, I'd imagine.

(Adam Owen / 25 Pelham Rd. #243 / Greenville, SC / 29615 USA)
Comic by Adam Owen featuring a detective in outer space with a Spillane fixation! Also included with my copy was a CD of an old NBC pulp radio drama, X-1. Fun!

INSOMNIAC MACHINE promotional mini
(http://www.insomniacmachine.com; distributed by Dimestore Productions, http://www.dimestoreproductions.com)
Promo for the Insomniac Machine group, who are currently working on an anthology called SLEEP DEPRIVED. Lots of manga-inspired stuff and a few text pieces.

(Sean Bieri / 12033 Lumpkin / Hamtramck, MI / 48212 USA)
Every time a new issue of Sean Bieri's JAPE comes out, one of Heaven's wayward angels buys a pair of stolen wings. Without a doubt, Bieri's one of the funniest cartoonists around. Funny, charming and sometimes cute, but always amazing. I don't know why he's not a household name yet. Recommended. [See my review in XEROGRAPHY DEBT #9 for more info.]

(Sean Bieri / address above)
Sean Bieri, who's best known for his humor work, did this gorgeous adaptation of this bible story of a woman who essentially seduces and kills a man in the name of God. JUDITH features stark illustrations, a dramatic story and what appears to be hand-printed color throughout. Recommended. The thing is on heavy cardstock and hand-bound, so send a few bucks. Minstrels of Mayhem

(CD; http://www.minstrelsofmayhem.com)
The Minstrels of Mayhem seem to perform mostly folky ballads, but they do it pretty well. My favorite pieces are the ones in which they focus on vocal harmony. If you're into celtic music, renaissance faires, etc., you'll probably like this album. It's not my intention to marginalize them, though; their stuff rises above a lot of what I've heard in those circles.

MOBIUS Vol. 13, #3
Poetry and short fiction. I believe this is connected to the Rainbow Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin.

($2.50 ppd from Dimestore Productions / 6733 Erie Ave. / Madison, OH / 44057 USA. Web: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com)
An anthology of poetry, prose, art and comics. Contributors include Sonata Jones, George Sulzbach, Ian Shires and others. My favorite bits are a color illustration by Jones and Kenney McCulloch's Fission Chicken-like comic.

($5.00 from Lawrence Person / PO Box 27231 / Austin, TX / 78755-2231 USA. Web: http://www.io.com/~lawrence/nova.html)
SF zine with two Paul Di Filippo interviews. The rest of the issue is comprised of book reviews, most of them quite substantial. There's also art in this issue by Brad Foster, Angela Mark and others.

($3.50 ppd from Dimestore Productions / 6733 Erie Ave. / Madison, OH / 44057 USA. Web: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com)
This is the first magazine-sized issue of this reviewzine (with a color cover even). There are a few glitches to work out, but I think this is probably a step in the right direction. News, a couple of new columns start (one, by Matt Levin, is about teaching comics to kids), and over 70 reviews (all with color cover repros). Oh, and a nice cartoon tribute by Larry Blake to Thomas Sciolino's PROLETOWN TOONS characters.

(Colectivo Phanzynex / Ra Manuel Murgua 15-5D / E-32005 Ourense / Galicia, SPAIN. Web: http://www.xornadas-bd.go.to)
OFANZINE is a publication of the Xornadas de Banda Deseada de Ourense, a festival that takes place yearly in Spain. It features articles and reviews, plus comix by Javi Montes (cover and interior), Martin, Perrot & Ninie, Romain Dutriex and others, all worth checking out. An English translation sheet is provided. Ongoing during this comix festival is Expofanzines, an exhibit of zines from around the world. The catalog lists everything in their collection (with contact info), highlights new entries and reproduces many covers. If you want to be a part of this annual exhibit, I recommend sending your zine (of any type) to the address above.

($2.00 from Larned Justin / PO Box 471 / House Springs, MO / 63051 USA. Web: http://go.to/candidcartoons)
In between cool covers by Dale Martin and Paul Houston, there's an interesting letter from Erik Kaye, fiction by Joe Shea, a John Miller comic from when he was a kid, a reprint of Poopsheet Jr. #2 (thanx, Larned!), another handful of reviews by Paul Houston, and art/comix by Claudio Parentela, Steve Skeates, Joel Orff, Andy Nukes, Jeff Zenick, Larned Justin and more. I think this is probably the best issue yet.

($1.00 from Bruce Chrislip / 2113 Endovalley Dr. / Cincinnati, OH / 45244 USA)
OUTSIDE IN publishes self-portraits by cartoonists, usually of the alternative and/or unknown variety. This issue's a little different as Bruce Chrislip has collected self-portraits reprinted from the catalogue of the Salon of American Humorists cartoon art exhibition of 1933. Included are pieces by Reginald Marsh, Garrett Price, Boris Artzybasheff, Abner Dean and a number of other cartoonists the world has forgotten.

(free sample from PO Box 434 / San Marcos, TX / 78667 USA)
Anticomics and stories by Grady Roper, Richard Visick, Bill Jeffery, Andrew Goldfarb, Hans Rickheit and others. Some would call it Art; others might not.

(Malcy Duff / 24 Belmont Gdns / Edinburgh EH12 6JH / SCOTLAND. You can buy this at smallzone.co.uk or tgtokyo.com)
Malcy Duff's comix are generally beautiful in a weird, freakish sort of way and this one's one exception. I like Malcy's special attention to packaging, too.

($8.95 + post. from the #Number Foundation / 97 Clinton St., Ste. #1B / New York, NY / 10002 USA. Web: http://www.numberfoundation.com)
This is quite a production and I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it before now. This squarebound collection of, well, all kinds of funny stuff features comix and illustration by Erik Rodriguez ( Hispanic Batman & Roberto ), Aaron Augenblick, Josh Bernstein, Ryan Dunlavey ( Doctor Cowboy ), Steven Ciancanelli and lots more, plus articles on Dave Thomas (of Wendy's), the fat side of acting, artist Keone Singlehurst and other features. On top of all that is the included CD with tracks by 20 NYC bands including The Hissyfits, Harvey Loves Harvey, The Drowners and The Spicy Rizzaks. Look for this in chain bookstores or your local indy record shop.

($3.00 from Ben White / 2100 Guadalupe, #138 / Austin, TX / 78705 USA)
Ben does a three-panel diary comic every day. This is a huge collection of the strips from 7/20/01 to 7/19/02. I like this one much better than the first annual due in no small part to the fact that Ben is taking more care with the strips adding more detail, experimenting more, etc. Check it out.

($3.00 + post. from Xulu Comics / PO Box 50053 / Indianapolis, IN / 46250 USA. Web: http://www.thingsfromnowhere.com)
The preview for this was mentioned last issue. Comix featuring pop culture and history dissected into bite-sized pieces by Richard Kolkman (BIG FLAT CITY). Interesting. They also sent their catalog which offers more work by Kolkman, Philip Cybin and JW Pretorius.

(Ninth Floor / 1513 20th #6 / Boulder, CO / 80302 USA. Web: http://www.ninthfloor.com)
These are both collections of comics by C. Jason DePasquale, some of which originally ran in UT's THE DAILY TEXAN, some on his website. My favorite strips in these are those about the turtle pond (a real pond on the University of Texas campus). Good comic timing and funny gags, too.

($2.25 from Nate Powell / 11 Grant St. #2 / Providence, RI / 02909 USA)
This is the first issue of WALKIE TALKIE I've read and it's the middle of a continuing story, so I wouldn't recommend starting with this one. I do recommend, however, checking out the back issues as I think Nate Powell is, as they say, someone to watch . The story seems to be an ethereal sort of look at life and love and the artwork is exquisite. Frankly, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of him before now.

(Buzz Buzzizyk / PO Box 2452 / Butler, PA / 16003 USA)
This new issue's got listings of new comix & zines, plus comix & art by Aleksandar Zograf, Jim Siergey, Chad Woody, Steve Willis, Carrie McNinch, Hilary Barta, Mark Campos and more. A new feature this time: small Unclassifiable Ads that may be advertisements, art or some kind of Hell-spawned hybrid. WBG tastes good going down.

($6.00 US/$9.00 elsewhere for a sample from PO Box 2270 / Daly City, CA / 94017-2270 USA. Web: writerscollective.theartzone.net/ )
WRITERS' COLLECTIVE is the new incarnation of the magazine formerly known as PROTOONER. It's a trade mag for writers and artists with market info, who's buying what, columns, cartoons, etc.

This new issue isn't out as I write this, but will be soon. It's scheduled to include review columns by 20 writers (yours truly included) and based upon my enjoyment of the previous issue, I feel confident recommending this one ahead of time. I believe $2.00 will get you a copyfrom Davida Gypsy Breier / PO Box 963 / Havre de Grace, MD / 21078 USA.


Gavin Burrows / Armchair Comics / 8 Brewer St. / Brighton / BN2 3HH / ENGLAND

ALSO JUST IN: These came just as I was wrapping up, so they'll have to wait until next time, but I wanted to mention 'em. Thoughtworm #8 from Sean Stewart, more poetry miscellania from Mark Sonnenfeld and Louis: The Clown's Last Words from Metaphrog. I love clowns; this should be good.


* The Devil Made Me Do It! *
Hot off the press! A full-color mini-zine of dirty poetry and perverse humor by yours truly. If sex talk or naughty words send you into a tizzy, avoid this one.

* I Am What I Am *
This is my journalzine in which I rant, rave and generally embarrass myself. Includes photos and drawings, too.

* VaVaVaVoom!! *
A recent discovery in our warehouse, this is a pin-up mini (read: nekkid ladies) I published way back in 1994 with drawings by Brad W. Foster, Dan Kellaway, Tim Kelly, Eric Hess and others. But how can I possibly afford such treasures?

Fear not, gentle reader, for each of the above items is available for next to nothing. Choose >from several easy payment methods:

(1) $1.00 each, (2) a couple of 37 stamps each, or (3) your best eye candy (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). What a deal!

Order from: Rick Bradford / PO Box 2235 / Fredericksburg, TX / 78624 USA

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