Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Walkabout Writer(s): Jon Jaffe
Artist(s): Jon Jaffe, Xavier O. Jones (Artist), Travis Holloway (Writer, Inks), Shelden M. Eastman (Artist), Team Rushbrook (Inks)
Publishers: Paradox Press
From: USA
Price: $3:50 (US)

Missy and Meg Meg wakes up naked and alone in a field at night. She can't remember how she got their or anything much else. Soon she is joined by a group of drunken white trash in a 4x4 who decide to have some "fun". Just when it looks bad for Meg, a nice young girl turns up...

Violence is the main theme in this story, with some very nasty use being made of a chainsaw for quite a number of pages. Character development takes a back seat in this story as action rules supreme. The topic of vampires is soon introduced amongst all the gore. The artwork is Manga influenced, especially in the character design for the female characters that Emphasize miniskirts and crop tops. The ink wash used to give the impression of night has reproduced rather patchy.

Walkabout A guy in a trench coat wanders around town at night looking for something. He finds himself in a fight in which he gets to audition for the next Matrix movie. Elsewhere, a woman wakes up screaming, feeling via some psychic connection that her long lost brother is out there, somewhere.

This has a strong Rob Liefeld/Todd McFarlane look to the artwork that tends to distract one from the plot and almost make you overlook the hard work that the artists have put in. It's clear and easy to follow and some the layouts used to illustrate the acrobatic combat such as wall running is impressive. It's just a shame the overall style is so derivative.

The violent nature of both of these stories didn't really appeal as little effort in put into creating interesting characters. A little bit more personality and less blood might be in order.

In a Word: Pretty Combat.

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