Love Dreams

Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Love Dreams Creator(s): Alan and Rick Limacher (Editors, Creators) plus others
Publishers: Self Published
From: Canada
Price: $2:00 (Ca)

Dating from 1997, This anthology is an adventurous collection of short comics that mix a variety of story telling styles.

Kill City A story depicted in groovy computer graphic about robots that float around above the city keeping watchful sensors on the drugged populous. It's kind of like Logan runs, except the robots don't have to wait for people to run before shotting them. The high tech graphics are suitably futuristic.

Erni's Place A couple of amusing cartoons about the Canadian Provence of Alberta. One of the 'toons is clever, one is rude, both are nice to look at.

Gene and the Three Blonds Goldie Locks and the there bears in reverse as a guy meets up with 3 very different blonds on a blind date. I suspect it might be sly comment on contemporary life.

Beauty and the Beast A clever Sting in the Tail tale about true love and being different.

I Have a Recurring Dream Weird.

Wally the Wereable Werewolf Silly

Romeo Stumbles Grotesque.

Bob's Your Uncle In which a young man dreams of more than just counting the sheep.

And there's more in this collection that is sure to perplex even the most unflappable reader.

In a Word: Experimental.

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