Dr Mystery: Halloween Special

Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dr Mystery: Halloween Special Creator(s): Mike Hall
Publishers: Commix Comix (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $1:50 (US

Dr. Mystery is all set to speak at the opening of the new Egyptian exhibition in the London Museum. He has just finished building a robot butler to look after the household chores and hand out trick or treats to the local kids who might come knocking this evening. Things start deviating from the plan as a mad scientist, Vampire, Werewolf and a mummy all decide to do their best to cause a ruckus.

In the best traditions of Universal Pictures monster movies, Mike aims to pack as much mayhem into this comic as physically possible, with lots of humorous banter, self-referencial dialogue and polished artwork.

Things are a bit complex to start with as the plot bounces around between the various monsters as they plot, fight against each other then join together in battle against the good Dr. Then as things progress Mike throws in a bunch of goofy villagers who bemoan their fate, which is to be killed off one by one as they near the monster headquarters. Their thick German accents are hard to decipher but you soon get the idea.

This is top notch parody with the monster and superhero cliches all getting the same light hearted treatment. Mike's art looks really wonderful in this issue. He mentions in his introduction that he enjoyed working in the digest format, and I think the larger paper size makes for some great illustrations. This is one Halloween trick that isn't scary at all.

In a Word: Treat.

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