International Guide to Small Press Comics

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

From Paul Gravett:

At SPX last month I met Alban Rautenstrauch again, the quiet genius behind Stereoscomic productions, in particular their big, quality anthologies, in French and that essential SPX 2001 special, in English, 280 pages (Jean-Paul Jennequin brought a few to Caption last year).

Now he wants to put out a bi-lingual Guide to Small Press Comics, to be called: 'The International Small Press Conspiracy', giving contacts for creators, titles, publishers, stores, websites.

Here's what you can send him if this interests you (which, if you're a small press comics creator/publisher/promoter/retailer, it definitely should):

Send Alban BY THE END OF NOVEMBER 2002!!
or: 98 - 100 Avenue de la Republique
77340 Pontault-Combault

- one or two sentences to describe your work (Alban will do the translation)
- a panel from one of your comics to represent your work (or tell him which one you'd like used, if he has it)
- a brief and essential 'bibliography' of your available work
- your email address (preferably) or postal address, and your website address.

OR send him your authority to let him write the text, choose the panel, and publish your info in the Guide.

He wants all this by end of November latest please! And a website will follow with all this info too.

Do take part - and do spread the word. This could be a great way to build more contacts between creators and publishers in different countries.



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