Rogue #X

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Rogue #X Creator(s): Various
Publishers: New Zealand Cartoon Collective
From: New Zealand
Price: $3.00 (NZ)

Great cover with strip on back, more of Tony Scanlan's dry humour and nice art. Can't say I heard thebar hit the gound. I would have put a sound effect to indicate when it hit the ground cause I like that sort of thing. I support the idea of a T-shirt using that image. Plus Tony deserves a medal for the work he put into getting the cover completed.

Comical Chronicles:
One about cartoonists talikng about sound effects, brilliant. I think I was at a meeting where that happened. It's interesting to see Jason Winter using a different drawing style from his usual work. Makes me recall the stuff he did for the comic zine back in the eighties. How come more people don't know about him, he doesn't deserve his low profile.

History Lessons:
Neat art style and funny one liners. All you could ask for in cartoons.

Eru Peka:
Grim and nasty story that, nice to see some colonial New Zealand history in comic form, I think we don't make enough use of the NZ "Western" heritage we have for story telling.

You Called Today:
Tells you everything you need to know with the minimum of dialogue. Just the guys big sad eyes are enough to tell you his life sucks.

Quest for Perfection:
Ouch, this one makes me wince. Where does Tony get these ideas

At The Market One Day.
Pretty drawings with an ironic piece of post-ironic writing at the end.

The Mirrors of Time:
Loved the funky sci-fi Christchurch and flying machine. The use of nice thick inks makes for attractive artwork.

The Katipo Kids:
Just the sort of thing a kid would say. Steve Saville's artwork is getting more polished with every piece he does.

Danny Danger:
Buck Rogers meets the twilight zone. Planetry destruction has never been so justified. I want me some Spot Bear Beer!

Will he turn out good or evil? The humans aren't that nice but I hope he decides to use his powers wisely.

Earth Wraith:
Treachery and betrayal on an epic scale. I really enjoy the inventive layouts, never a dull looking page. This looks to be an epic tale in the telling, though I can't keep track of how much of the saga I've read. I think this is a new piece.

The meaning of life:
Pithy. Sure to find a place in the anti-vivisection newsletters.

Short and funny. hehe

Another former Mental Patient:
Too close to the truth to be really funny, as any good satire should be.

Four Cats and A guy:
Well, all I can say is that it made me laugh when I drew it.

Kevin The Cockroach:
Nice reverse of the usual superhero/Kafka storyline. Another inventive layout as well.

Heavy stuff. Steve seems to have lots and lots of ideas and the ability to get them down on paper in successful ways.

Great little anthology.

In a Word: Variety.

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