Crew of the Wanderlust

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Crew of the Wanderlust Writer(s): Jason Marcey
Artist(s): Paul Quinn
Publishers: Lightningstrike Publishing
From: Canada
Price: $6.00 (Ca)

Or, when Vampires Attack!!!. Two Superheroes go to investigate a string of murders. They find a town full of angry vampires and their leader, a very very angry Martian vampire. A fight ensues in which one of the team dies. Skip forward one year on we find the surviving family and colleague of the slain hero being asked to return to the town in order to discover why a rich businessman wants to poke around there.

This is all fight scenes and short bouts of exposition. The heroes don't seem to do much between fights apart from enjoy BBQs so character development is left in the back seat as clichés hog the wheel. There's a spooky but brave leader, loud mouthed fighter, beautiful and loyal wife and a few others in the mix.

The action is energetically illustrated by Paul with a direct style. Nothing flashy here, but neither is there anything that that's rough or ugly. I liked the fact that the loudmouthed hero looked like he had escaped from an Archie and Jughead comic. There's lots to keep the reader turning the pages, and as long as Superheroes are your thing this is the book for you.

In a Word: Fighting.

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