Hip Pocket #13-19

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hip Pocket #13-19 Creator(s): Scott Johnson
Publishers: Self-published
From: Australia
Price: free

A bunch of mini comics from Australia that are all fun to read and nicely illustrated.

#13: Banshee
The truth behind the death dealing wailing of Celine Dion told in hilarious detail.

#14: Teeth
A guy wakes up to find that his head has gone missing. A mix of humorous drawings and deadpan dialogue sure to raise a laugh.

#15: Hair
This is a very strange comic, starting off as an amusing conversation in a cafe, it ends up as a bizarre self-referencial critique of itself.

#16: Nature
An amusing take on the "Real Aussie Bloke" genre of TV shows with a hilarious look at the practical jokes garden slinks play on each other.

#17: Bunny
A couple of stories about a cute little bunny rabbit who likes to kill other animals. Naughty Bunny!

#18: Cash
A satirical look at the implication of the cashless society for those of us who like cash.

These look so nice people who don't even like comics will pick them up and have a laugh. Fill your pockets soon!

In a Word: Humorous.

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