Creep #1

Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Creep #1 Writer(s): Alan Limacher
Artist(s): Alan Limacher (Pencils) Jack Betram (Inks)
Publishers: Self published
From: Canada
Price: $0.05 (Ca)

A two story anthology that has a pulp fiction approach to story telling.

Creep: A young woman stands accused of being a witch, and her hooded accusers are going to cast her into the sea to see if she sinks or swims, when, suddenly "..a strange creature melts into existence! The Creep" He's a funny looking chap, with strange tentacles where there should be hair, a black bodysuit and funny white boots. In the name of justice he fights, gets set on fire, nearly drowns and transforms into a cloud of gas.

This is a good natured piece of hero daring-do without any attempt at back story. The artwork keeps pace with the energetic nature of the story, with some attractive layouts and good use of ink spray techniques for panel backgrounds.

We Fell in Love on Cannibal Island: A small plain crash lands on a strange island. The survivors soon find themselves under attack from some rather nasty pygmies who have ravenous appetites and bad table manners. Things look grim, but in the middle of the crisis love blooms. The artwork here is messier than the first story, giving the tale a more grim and nasty look which makes the ending all the more shocking.

Nothing deeply moving or remarkable in this collection, but the stories are entertaining so you get your monies worth.

In a Word: Horror.

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