Elves and the Sportbike, the

Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Elves and the Sportbike, the Creator(s): T.A. Coons
Publishers: Self Published
From: USA
Price: $5 (US) includes postage anywhere. Will trade for other small press.

The misadventures of the elves that used to live under the mobile homes in Happy Creek. This time they decide to have a go at riding motorbikes and narrowly escape serious injury. Will, the kindly gardener who has befriended the elves has to cope with Amber the elf's antics and try explain to his wife just what these little creatures are.

While the artwork is rough in places, this HTML format comic on a CD is full of delightful illustrations, funny situations and amusing events. I couldn't help but laugh at the mischief goings on as motorbikes, cars and GPS units get explored by the elves. It was so enjoyable that I insist that all of you who read this review has to contact T.A. and buys a copy. I mean, what's the use of writing a review of a great comic if you just ignore my advise and leave T.A. with the impression no-one wants the stuff that he does. This will entertain you. If I hear you aren't giving this a try I'll be so cross! I know who you are, our visiter tracking systems are all seeing!

There can't be much more a reviwer can expect from a comic when it is as original, delightful and clever than this one. Those of you who haven't seen any of T.A.'s CD comics really are missing out on something grand.

Geese need help

In a Word: Essential.

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