Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Ructions Creator(s): Joven Kerashtest
Publishers: Ganderbox (Self Published)
From: Ireland
Price: ?

When you let your imagination run wild things can very easily go from innovation to in the rubbish. What might have seemed exciting could, in the light of day be a load of old cobblers. Luckily, Joven has the skill to keep things in the innovative category with this collection of stories.

Joven keeps things moving along with a range of illustration styles and stories. There are limber black, white and grey tales of dirty laundry and alcohol. Also a poetic short piece with one image per page with text that looks at love. Asphalt Cowboy copes with a serious case of bad plumping.

My favourite in this book is the Night of the Living Art Directors, a tale of an illustrator with an alternative bent who finds himself under assault by a bunch of soulless art directors who want to break his spirit so he will do the artwork they want. Things turn violent as he fights for his artistic freedom. Can he win?

This collection of tales that speak not of place or time, but of feelings is a hight quality alternative comic that aims and succeeds in providing something in the style of a Drawn and Quarterly book.

In a Word: Loco.

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