Naked Lunch

Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Naked Lunch Creator(s): Robert Curley (ed)
Publishers: Atomic Dinner
From: Ireland
Price: 3:00 (EURO)

The atomic dinner crew have a go at creating an adventure anthology that manages to avoid men in tights.

Beating the Rap Jason Mason (w), Stephen Mooney (A)
X-files meets Dr Fate and Hellblazer as a trenchcoat wearing combat mage tracks down a killer who targets rap signers and specializes in imaginative uses of people's bowels. Nice use of silhouette effects in the art work give the thing a strong look, though the plot seems to go a bit fast for its own good.

Cookie Coral Dave Smith
This is a lovely looking piece of comical fantasy involving a cookie loving teddy bear who just happens to be the only sheriff in town. Called upon to stop eating his cookies and help extract a child from a tree that overhangs deadly quicksand, Teddies day goes from bad to worse as giant tentacles and poor planning result in some very funny goings on.

Duplications Murra Mac Rory (w), Stephen Thompson (a)
An art thief is released from prison and finds himself whisked across the world and asked to recover a painting for the company he originally stole it from. This is a quite nifty caper story drawn in a cool 70's art style that reminded me of Roy of the Rovers for some reason. The light hearted approach to dialogue helps to hide just how long-winded most of the conversations are.

In a Word: Hip humorous action (one for each contribution).

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