Hell on Wheels

Posted: Wednesday, December 25, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hell on Wheels Writer(s): Robert Mc Carthy
Artist(s): Shaenon K. Garrity
Publishers: Self Published
From: USA
Price: $2:00 (US)

In which Dave, a single unemployed guy in a wheelchair tries to find love and people to help him when he has to pee.

The basic format here is four panel strips arranged two to a page. The come together to form a continuing storyline but each has it's own beginning, middle and punch line. The humour is a mix of stuff that only a writer who has a wheelchair could get a way with a bunch of referential in jokes about who draws who. It all revolves around a "She loves jerks but not nice old me" plot that hits the target pretty much on all shots.

Shaenan supplies artwork which keeps everything but the characters' range of expressions simple. The look of the strip wouldn't look out of place in the Doonesbury strip. The layouts have a cramped look, with some edges being cropped off in the reproduction. Hopefully future issues will show a little bit more care in getting all the artwork on the page.

The e-mail and URL I got for the creators don't seem to work?

In a Word: Humorous.

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