Monkey around with Ken Knudtsen

Posted: Thursday, January 16, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Ken tells us that issue #6 of MY MONKEY'S NAME IS JENNIFER is listed at SLG's site ( as in stores on Feb 5. I know it was supposed to be out in January, but I think I submitted it a little later that I was supposed to. What a naughty but honest monkey!

He also added that This will be the last issue, for now. But I will have a new 2pg Jennifer story in the SLG Special on free comic day. No more MY MONKEY'S NAME IS JENNIFER for a while, NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!


Ken will be at APE in San Francisco on Feb 1-2. as well as Wizard World East in Philly (end of March?). Along with him in Philly will be Jerry Ma(BURN). Hunt them down in the artist alley, With Vodka

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