New Zine World!

Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Jerianne from Zine world send us an update on their activities.......


In case you haven't seen the annoucement elsewhere:

I am pleased as punch to *finally* be able to announce the release of Zine World #18. The new issue will hit the streets the first week of February. As always, it contains hundreds of reviews of zines, comics, and other independently produced works; articles on such topics as the privacy of bookstore and library records, media hysteria about kidnappings, and cartoonist Stuart Helm being sued by Kraft Foods; listings on various diy and zine projects; a chart of US postal rates; and store and distro reports. It also contains commentary on mail art by Gianni Simone, "Pigworld" by Grant Schreiber, "Who's Who in the Art Revolution" by Art S. Revolutionary, Part 3 of "Pulling the Strings: How Business and Institutions Attempt to Control the Small Press" by Fred Woodworth, and beautifully creepy cover art by Bobby Tran Dale.

Because of numerous (and nearly insurmountable) delays we faced in the editing and production process, I am forced to admit that the content of this issue is a bit dated. To make up for that, and to demonstrate the continued commitment we at Zine World have, we are simultaneously releasing a supplement – which will come *free* with every copy of #18. The supplement contains even more reviews, more articles (including continued attacks on underground – and school- sponsored – newspapers at our nation's high schools, and how the media loves a zine, when it's sponsored by the government) and current event listings.

It can be yours for just $4 in the US, $5 Canada/Mexico, or $6 overseas. Or buy yourself a 4-issue subscription: $14 US, $18 Canada/Mexico, $22 overseas. US cash, stamps or money order payable to Jerianne. No checks!

With the release of this issue, we will strive to return to our `normal' publishing schedule of 3-4 issues per year. (And we really really mean it this time.) So, please, keep sending us your zines and comics to be reviewed, your commentary and artwork, news leads, hate mail, etc.

Reach out and touch us at:
PO Box 330156 Murfreesboro TN 37133-0156

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me