D*I*Y Comics: An instructional pamphlet

Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of D*I*Y Comics: An instructional pamphlet Creator(s): Shawn Granton
Publishers: TFR Industries (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: Free if you send postage.

So, you've been reading small press comics for a few years, hang out here in the SBC small press area, and have a few ideas of your own for a comic. Need a few tips to start you on your way? Well, this little pamphlet/booklet offers everything the budding comic creator needs to know. It shows the possibilities of the medium in a way that never sets down rules. Instead, it encourages you to do what you want and gives you some basic things to consider on the way.
As Shawn says on the second page DIY comics are about having fun. DIY comics are about having fun.

There all the important sections that budding comic creator always ask about: materials, sizing, production and printing, copying, assembly, alternative methods, dealing with shops and distributors. You even get a few contact address and web sites worth following up. (Hey, where's the SBC link!)

All the advice makes sense to me, and even if you're been doing it yourself in the comic world for years there is lots here to give you new ideas. The mini format means you can carry it around with you in your art folder/box/shopping bag and the illustrations are nicely done as well. Perfect for the job really, aside from a few spelling mistakes. But then, in 16 pages of hand lettered text (Ouch! That must have been painful to work on.) with only a few pictures you have to expect a few to creep in.

In a Word: Essential.

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