Toonedelic Times #3

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Toonedelic Times #3 Creator(s): Darren Worrow (ed)
Publishers: Toonadelic
From: UK
Price: #163;1.50

Shit Face and Rat Arse get drunk, smoke dope and save the world from a maniac game show hosts and a dirty dishes monster in this anthology. It also provides some tales of drunken bestiality and three geezers at the pub.

If you fins Viz just a bit tiered and lifeless then perhaps you should track down this anarchic comic which goes where no superhero parody usually go in public. Toilet humour, rude words and detailed cartooning result in storytelling that takes no prisoners.

I have to admit that quite a bit in this made me laugh, in spite of my attempts to be a sensitive new age reviewer. Jokes about how drunk Rat Arse can get and his interpretation of the use of the phrase "Life Line" on Who wants to spank a millionaire are worth a giggle.

The artwork is in the best tradition of British childrens' comics, and apart from being a bit to dark in places, does the job well with its detail. Along side the comics you will also find some reviews of other comics, music and other zines so you have plenty to entertain after you've finished.

Yes, it is all a bit silly but then so are fart cushions, and they still sell millions of them. Remember, laughter is the best medicine for an upset bowel.

In a Word: Bum!.

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