A Bone that could pick you

Posted: Wednesday, February 19, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

The folks at Boneyeard Press are in the market for some contributions...

Got a taste for pain?

Are all you hungry little piggies ready for an opportunity to make your mark?

Thats right, Boneyard Press is reviving its longest running title, the horror anthology Flowers on the Razorwire, under the guiding light of Troy Zurel. As the new master of ceremonies Mr. Zurel has tossed down the gauntlet to all of you artists looking to break into a tough market with a brand spanking new cover contest!

Heres the deal. Butt whipping artist Dimitri Patelis, the man who did the first three covers for the original run of Flowers on the Razorwire, is doing the rebirth issue. Its up to you, the contestant, to follow his lead and kick it up another notch with issues 2 and 3. This is a hard act to follow, so you gotta make it a bloody fight.

The Rules: The cover needs to have something to do with the title- Flowers on the Razorwire, and no, it doesnt have to be literal, use yer brain, think outside the box but remember this is a goth/erotic horror book, not yer mothers Creepy or Eerie Comics. No bad girl pin ups, drooling vampires or guys in tights and steroids. Youve got to come up with a striking image that incorporates the books title and the companys logo somewhere in the image. Use any art technique you want, just make this thing draw dropping.

What do you win? Duh, your stuff is the cover of a serious heart attack of a book. You get 15% of the poster/merchandise money using your image, plus a cut of that issue of Flowers on the Razorwire profit. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! The winner will have a slot reserved for him to sign at WizardCon Dallas Texas in November and get to be the Most Dangerous Man in Comics whipping boy and suffer all kinds of abuse at the hands of a drunken Hart D. Fisher and his leather clad bitches! Can you dig it? HA! I knew you could.

The only hitch is you gotta get yer ass to the show! You get on the cover and Fisher will pimp your monkey ass to all the industry connections hes got, the kind that broke illustration pretty boy John Cassaday, John Lucas, Dimitri Patelis, Albert Holaso, Big Bill Harms, Duncan Rouleau, Matt Roach, Frank Forte and many more! Plus you get an armload of books to sell on your own time! Hell well even through in a free pair of clean underwear!

Please submit web address for viewing, DO NOT SEND BY E-MAIL. Troy doesnt want yer damn email! DEADLINE for this contest will be May 27th, 2003, the bonedaddys birthday! Hell be 34 years old and angry as hell. You wanna see the Boneyard Press logo or some of the old Flowers on the Razorwire covers, log onto Boneyardpress.com and make it quick. But if you have to send a goldurn email, you can hit the bonedaddy at bonedaddySTOP-@-SPAMboneyardpress.com or boneyardpressSTOP-@-SPAMyahoo.com and keep that stuff small.

The top ten runners up (not so bad losers) will have their goods posted at the Boneyard Press website with constructive criticism of what they did wrong so they get better and can come back atcha swingin harder.

I know Troy posted this contest as a solo forum thing, but I wanted to give the whole comics world a shot at this. I know theres a bunch guys living in trailer parks out there dying to kick into the comics world, so this is your chance!

Good luck you little bastards!
Hart D. Fisher/Publisher/Boneyard Press
Troy Zurel/Editor/Flowers on the Razorwire/Thug in Training

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