Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Bionicle Creator(s): Anon
Publishers: Lego Group
From: com
Price: Free with a Bionicle kitset

A hoard of Pahrak (robotic chickens) hatch from their stasis tubes and attack a wandering band of robots.

Told with a full on dose of style over content this comic takes the high sheen look of late 90's comics and shrinks it down to mini-comic format. I think we should sue, 'cause this is a blight on the name of "small" press.

Lego have spared no expense on top quality production values with computer coloring and photo cover. But even all their money can't get them a story that makes sense or anything more coherent than a fight scene. With so few pages it's amazing that they have to fall back on arrows to help make sense of the panel layout.

This lack of coherence on it's own is disappointing. What makes an outrage is that this is a well respected world wide toy maker putting out crap comics and using their toys to get them into a lot of childrens' hands. Most of the small press world manage to create interesting comics for a lot less money than has been spend on this, and the kids out there deserve more. Best Lego stick to building blocks in the future, 'cause this book just doesn't fit together.

In a Word: bad..

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