Three Tijuana Bibles

Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Three Tijuana Bibles Creator(s): Dylan Horrocks
Publishers: Self Published
From: Zealan
Price: ?

These three very short but sweet mini's gracefully approach the genre of pornography. Each presents a vingette looking at relationships and the role that sex plays in them. The readers are dropped right into the middle of the characters lives with the barest of information. The emotions and the sexual acts are what count, and here sex is an important outlet for that emotion, not a mindless physical act.

He Brings You: A guy steels a book of life drawings by Rodin and gives it to his partner. She finds it romantic and arousing.

One Night: A couple go out dancing. The woman is aroused and wants to take man right there on the dance floor.

The First Time: A guy and a girl meet at work. A while later they meet again through friends. He's shy but at last manages to make a move.

Dylan takes a high minded approach to porn, and as a result these books have a rather respectable tone. The characters live in a world of emotions which the sex feeds but don't drive. Sure, Dylan can show the deed in close-up, but it isn't shocking or even that arousing: it's just another part of these characters lives. As you would expect, Dylan illustrates the books with an assured hand, providing a series of poetic illustrations that really are very attractive, but which give the proceedings a certain lack of energy. The joyfulness of sex only appears in One Night. In these book the nobility of the mind wins out over the pleasures of the flesh

In a Word: Restrained.

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