MBLEH!? #2

Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of MBLEH!? #2 Creator(s): Bob Byrne & K9
Publishers: Clamnut Comix
From: Ireland
Price: 3 (euro)

Oh my goodness, this book really goes to some lengths to survey a wide range of extremes within its pages. You name the strange and twisted experience, you'll probably find it here. Those of you who have sampled issue #1 will perhaps be pleased to see that Uncle Penzramit is back with his little nephew. Uncle loves to inflict any manner of discomfort on little Herby, but then when he discovers that Herby's bowel motions contain gold, his nurturing instincts are jump started by his greed, and he goes to extraordinary lengths to force feed his ward. The money making schemes result in some rather unpleasant events, none of which can be brought up in polite company.

In the story Day Off, an office worker finds that a days sick leave becomes unbearable under the weight of bad daytime TV and the debris of society that inhabit the local supermarket during work hours. Amongst the twisted humor Bob hides a more serious minded tale that looks at the true character of a Nazi war hero. This is a nice piece of storytelling that will stick in the mind.

The factor that makes Bob's work so readable is that he has the drafting skills to structure even the most nasty tale in a clear and entertain way. It looks great and it flows well so you soon get caught up in the hectic pace of the work. Amongst this K9's strips fit right in: short, share and naughty.

If you have a strong sense of humor and a stronger stomach you will find much to entertain in this book. Just don't expect to get a hug if you partner finds this in the bedroom.

Important News:

Bob tells me that his comic has been picked up by DIAMOND so it'll be available to order thru every comic shop in the English speaking world. Keep any eye out for it in the May issue of Previews.

In a Word: Naughty.

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