Los Angeles Zine/Comics/Crafts Fest

Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder


Plummer Park Community Center

7377 Santa Monica Blvd, W.Hollywood CA

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 (12 to 6pm)

Join in the festivities, support the indenpendent press and do-it-yourself crafters in this one day event. Trade and sell your creations, whether they be zines, comics, books, handmade crafts, etc. Or just stop by and browse.

The registration fee is $15 for one half table. Due to limited space they are only offering half tables. However, that could change. If enough interest is shown, they intend to use a larger room at the same center and then full tables will be available.

The website (http://www.geocities.com/lazinefiesta/) will hopefully answer any further questions you may have.

If you're interested, send them an email via LaZineFiestaSTOP-@-SPAMyahoo.com and they tell us they will send you a registration form along with lots of information. And once you sign up, you should get a packet of information that will hopefully make your trip to the fest easier and more fun.

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me