David Hedgecock illustrates Kameelman alternate ending

Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Portland, Ore.

A1 Oregon Publishing what's us all to know that David Hedgecock is the newest guest artist brought on-board to illustrate the Kameelman comic book alternate ending. They tell me that for each Kameelman printed edition, A1 Oregon will publish a fully-illustrated alternate ending and makes it available to fans for free on the Internet! The digital alternate ending is available for viewing at no charge by entering a password protected area of the Kameelman web site at http://www.kameelman.com. A caption box containing the Easter egg password is found inside the printed version. Hedgecock's pencil illustrations for issue #2 were inked by James Taylor. James is the regular inker on Ron Randall's pencils in the print edition.

Rick Legleiter, President of A1 Oregon Publishing, says, We are very pleased to have David working with our team. He has potential to score the big break and is currently doing the right things early in his career to build for future success. He just needs the exposure. Overall we are proud to showcase and promote new artists such as David by providing illustrators a break to get more published work under their belts.

As for working on the alternate ending Hedgecock says, It's a nice concept. It gives people a reason to thumb through the book and take a second look at that great Randall/Taylor artwork. It doesn't hurt to give the audience a little something extra for their $$ either. My main goal was not to screw up.

Hedgecock's other recently published works include two issues of Rabbit which he wrote, illustrated and lettered for Sharkbait Press, a one shot assignment penciling Frankenstein Rising for Hominid Press, and FURRLOUGH short stories from Radio Comix which he also wrote and illustrated. David reports, I've just completed pencils on a three issue series called 15MINUTES which we hope will be out soon and I'm putting the finishing touches on a new Rabbit graphic novel for next January.

On the personal side, David, who resides in San Diego, claims to be an eye witness to the first landing of the space shuttle, swimming bare-skinned with a school of newborn squid, hiking down and back up the Grand Canyon in a single day, and declaring his U.S. citizenship at the Mexican border on more than one occasion. When asked what he most wants to be known for he says, As the guy who revived Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew.

Kameelman #2 is currently available in comic book shops and on the Internet at http://www.superherostuff.com. Retailer reorders are available from Cold Cut, FM International and Diamond comic book distributors. Kameelman #3 is listed in May Previews on page 241, (MAY03 1882)

About Kameelman

Zack Ziegler is Kameelman. Created by the evil fertility specialist, Doctor Gor Menchin, Zack is the first transgenic clone concocted from a cocktail of chameleon and human genes. Zack has the unique ability to morph his physical characteristics to look like a different human just like a chameleon does in his environment to hide his real identity. But Zack hides from more than just his physical world; he tries to hide from himself. As he morphs, Zack also learns the thoughts and emotions of the person whose form he adopts. While this allows Zack to be more powerful and effective, it also has a downside as Zack uses his talent to escape his own world and his own feelings by living vicariously through others. The positive outcome is he creates life bridges for himself and the people he helps a peer-to-peer mentor. Zack along with his teammates Wynter, Tiger and Caleb spring into action to fight social injustice in a contemporary setting. He is a hero with a role rather than a hero with a goal.

Published quarterly, the Kameelman comic book is written and illustrated for an all age's audience. The stories are designed to complete within one or two issues so new fans can join the Kameelman saga at anytime without needing to catch-up from the beginning.

About A1 Oregon Publishing

A1 Oregon Publishing is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. The company focuses on publishing innovative concepts for mainstream audiences and delivering more for your money to comic book fans and retailers worldwide.

For more information about A1 Oregon Publishing visit the A1 Oregon web site at http://www.a1oregon.com or send questions or comments via email to publisherSTOP-@-SPAMa1oregon.com.

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