Namby Pamby #2

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Namby Pamby #2 Creator(s): Rina Ayuyang
Publishers: Self Published
From: US
Price: $2.00 (US)

Observations and remembrances of life in the suburbs, with kids arguing with their parents, and the childhood memories of two high school friends shared over a meal.

My word for issue #1 was meditative, and #2 delves further into silent contemplation on life. The first story in this collection uses the face of an unset child gets across so much, it's almost too much for one to take. Another story makes great use of wordless panels to set up a mood and a pace for life in the suburbs, with pages of aerial views that show deserted streets, empty yards and manicured lawns. We approach one house and find a conversation in progress between petulant child and mother. Suddenly we are drifting over the rooftops again, and another conversation is in progress. The dialogue seems true to life. I remember talking like that when I was a child, both meaningless and incredibly serious at the same time.

The line and grey wash artwork on offer here has to do a lot of the storytelling on it's own and never falters. These are real people in the real world and Rina presents them to us in a deceptively direct way. The images have a simple look, but they are also refined. The only flaw is some murky text balloons that could do with some cleaning up.

This collection contains story that make their point with subtly and charm. No action, no fight scenes but there is pain, and emotional hooks that will get your attention.

In a Word: Gentle.

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