Fetus Boy Adventures #7

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Fetus Boy Adventures #7 Creator(s): Brent Willis
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand
Price: ?? (NZ)

A mentally deranged woman and her army of badly designed robots rule an un-named county. In an attempt to appear fair she agrees to hold an election. Unknown to her the competition, in the form of Successful businessman Marko, is plotting to use brainwashing, mercenary troops, and a prison breakout all in order to ensure he wins the election. The only hope to foil his plans is the superhero team of Fetus Boy, Sylvester the Slug and the mysterious Cat Mummy.

Brent fits a lot into this comic, lots of panels per A4 sized page, political satires and a pastiche of superheros daring do woven together in a plot that flies along at a great pace. Being from New Zealand myself means I can see where some of the ideas here come from, through it's all constructed in such a way that it will make sense no matter what part of the planet you're on.

There's a surreal quality to the characters and events on display. One of the villains is a creepy looking talking carrot, a talking worm provides feedback on the candidates? debate, and evil scientists work away in labs creating chocolate that will brainwash people. Also, there's re-animated dead people and some really great jokes. Brent lets his mind go crazy with insane ideas.

Visually, this comic has its good and bad points. The illustrations are lively and energetic with wide range of characters well differentiated. Brent shows no fear in trying to draw anything, and for the most part succeeds. On the down side, the panels tend to be crammed full of dialogue and the finishing is a bit rough in places.

For zany goings on that still manage to follow a plot this book does a great job. It's funny, inventive and has enough references to political concepts and social satire to keep the more serious minded of you interested.

In a Word: Original.

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