What Happened to Jeremy Dennis?

Posted: Tuesday, June 10, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of What Happened to Jeremy Dennis?

Creator: Jeremy Dennis
Publisher: (Self Published)
Address: uk.geocities.com/cleanskies and alleged.org.uk/jrd
Price: A couple dollars, one quid, two euro or a swap.

The reflections on real life by a Sci-Fi fan who makes ends meet by assigning mystery shoppers their assignments. In a call centre seems to be a popular subject for comics. I've seen lots of small press books set in the business. Maybe its the wide range of interesting people you get to talk to, or perhaps the long breaks between calls give you lots of time to work on your comics.

Jeremy is bored with her job, but it pays the bills and makes for fun reading. The people on the other end of the phone are very weird. Jeremy writes about the silly things in life: food dispensers that never seem to work, and if they do the food that shoots out is never quite edible. There's also a visit to a Science Fiction convention and a trip to a funky furniture store.

The view of life here is light hearted but still connected with reality. It's very autobiographical in nature, dealing with whatever takes's Jeremy's fancy at the time. Her illustrations are in a very polished style that brings to mind Eddie Campbell's work in that the line work is quite fine with a lot of detail. Looks like Jeremy has some of her material online as well as in print, so you have no excuse for not checking it out

In a Word: Engaging

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