Two Tone Cat

Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Two Tone Cat Writer(s): Jeff T. Kane
Artist(s): Jamie Craw
Publishers: Aidsner Saunders (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $2.95 (US)

Miguel is a turkey. He likes Michael Jackson records. Little does he know that Thanks Giving is approaching and he and his family may not live past it. Luckily his friend Faggy Cat knows the score and is planning to help him out. But then, disaster strikes as their friend Paco is beaten to death by his father, and in an attempt to save him Faggy Cat suffers a similar fate. Then things start getting really grim. The next story follows Von Caril (aka Two Tone Cat) in his investigations of a murder, which somehow involve the Cat's life history and Miguel and friends.

This is a very scary book. Gruesome death and violence lurk on nearly every page and the high-energy mayhem makes almost no sense at all. A lot of the content tries to be really objectionable and succeeds in a few instances, such as the mock rap lyrics that are just plain icky. I found myself strangely fascinated by the plot.

The thing that kept me going was most likely Jamie's rather wonderful artwork. He can handle cute and grisly without missing a beat, giving the cast of wacko characters lots of personality and style No matter how twisted the subject matter Jamie seems to be able to give the scenes some humour and cuteness.

So, this is a great looking comic that has a storyline that succeeds in being outrageous but never really come to grips with coherence. If you hate mediocrity this comic might just be up your ally.

In a Word: Weird.

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