Rat Arsed and Shit Face #3: Natural Smoked Rippers

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Rat Arsed and Shit Face #3: Natural Smoked Rippers Creator(s): Darren Worrow
Publishers: Toonedelic (Self Published)
From: UK
Price: £ 1.50 (UK)

The two rude chaps get the call up to go over to the US of A and train in the official federal superhero programme. On the way there the take a few illegal substances, one joins the mile high club with a spice girl, and both play their part in some cultural commentary through parody and ironic overstatement.

This is not a comic for those of delicate sensibilities. Bad language and blatant naughtiness abound as the two reprehensible characters get into lots of trouble. The sexual content level seems to have increased since the last issue, as has the parody factor with lots of references to American pop culture.

This book is drawn in a detailed style that makes use of cross-hatching. There are lots of amusing characters designs which for the most part look fine. The only exception is some awkwardness in the rendition of the spice girl. Fans of underground comics from the 70's should feel right at home with the approach taken as long as they have kept up to date with media icons.

There are more than a few laughs to be had in the mad mix of British humour and American culture. The pastiches suffer from being under developed. This is almost, though not quite substantial enough to match the effort put into the artwork. In all, it is still good for a laugh.

In a Word: Splatter.

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