Full Moon

Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Full Moon Creator(s): Hayden Fryer
Publishers: Siberian Productions (Self Published)
From: Australia
Price: $7.50 (AU)

A couple have come to the deserted wilds of Wales to relax on holiday. While out fishing the husband finds a strange skull. He takes it back to the cabin with the intention of doing some further study. Later he leaves his wife for an evening at the pub. Soon after he leaves something starts trying to get into the cabin...

The best horror stories always leave a lot to the imagination. Just what is making those noises? Who would do that to the innocent city folk? Why leave a half eaten corpse in on the drive. Hayden follows this path for most of the book. We get to see the couple’s reactions to the stalking, but only brief glimpses of stalker until the end of the book. His illustrations work in producing an increasing level of claustrophobia, as each of the couple finds themselves alone and having to face their dangerous enemy.

Hayden’s line art shoes a wide range of techniques, more than usual in the other work of his that I've reviewed. There's more detail and texturing on display. Some of it stands out too much as ink on the page, especially when it is used on a panel that has a black background. Still, it makes for lively layouts.

For a scary read in the comfort of your own home this horror tale shouldn't be overlooked.

Hey, did you hear that noise?

In a Word: Biting.

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