Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man #1, The

Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man #1, The Creator(s): Jose Roberto Mesarina
Publishers: Instant Press Comics
From: A
Price: $3.00 (US)

Jose Chalaco works nights in his Grandfathers's Laundromat, keeping the machines going and helping out with change. On one fateful night he and a grumpy unemployed scientist find themselves the victims of mindless violence as two hoods come looking for a fast buck. In the process of their attack Jose is forced to drink the scientists special formula laundry detergent mixed with a protein shake and electric shocks. Soon Jose begins to feel strange, and a strange transformation takes place...

Here we are presented with the origin of a new superhero. As such, we get the usual clichés to explain how a mild mannered kid becomes defender of the innocent. The conventional plot points are covered: Witnessing the death of parents, mindless violence, scientific experiments, coming to terms with powers, and capturing the thugs. Plot development outside of these clichés is limited, as the characters keep firmly to their stereotypes: Nerdy kid, crabby grandfather, violent gang member.

In illustrating this story Jose produces a lively looking book. The artwork is reasonably detailed with well-drawn characters and interesting backgrounds. The layouts are well thought out, with interesting use made of small panels for close-ups of characters. The drawing of some of the characters faces is very effective, with the uncle being particularly realistic.

This is a book that will appeal most to the superhero fans out there, for whom it should stand up as a worthy read. Those less taken with people in funny costumes might get much out of the book, but could do worse than this well constructed read.

In a Word: Clean.

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