Posted: Tuesday, September 9, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hømf! Creator(s): Eivind Kirkeby
Publishers: Self Published
From: Norway
Price: $1.50 (US)

A collection of short strips, scripts and poems. While some of the stories start off slow, I found a laugh out loud in nearly all of them. There's one about a guy called Peter (see cover) who collects comics and dogs. That’s a nice hobby.. or at least it would be if he didn't nail them to the wall. 9/11 gets a mention in a strip that probably says what a lot of people think but never put down on paper.

The artwork is very basic: stick figures with raccoon eyes and block robots. Eivind explains that she (or he?) was looking for an artist to work with but has had no luck so far, so he (or she) decided to draw it him/herself. It is not surprising then that the art is nothing to get excited about, but it does enough to make sure the jokes get across, and perhaps that is all the stories need. In the best spirit of small press this is a DIY comic, the ideas are the important thing here. The poetry included in the comic is rather amusing. Some have straightforward rhyme schemes, while others some are blank verse. All capture a scene or image rather well.

As this is a beta issue there are bits that need a bit more work, but with a few more comics and some of the drafts removed this will be a fun low-fi comic.

In a Word: developing.

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