Kameelman #3

Posted: Monday, September 15, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Kameelman #3 Writer(s): T-Bone
Artist(s): Ron Randall (P), James Taylor (I)
Publishers: A1 Oregon Publishing
From: USA
Price: $2.99 (US)

Bunch of teenagers in swimsuits are at a party. One of them is a bit sleazy and might not be the world’s best boyfriend. Some of his girlfriend’s friends are worried and want their buddy who has chameleon like abilities to access his intentions. Along the way one guy nearly downs, the adult in charge flirts with a neighbour, and Kameelman's mother is relieved to find out that the evil scientist won't be coming to dinner.

This book has an earnest worthiness about it that I found quite annoying. How self-righteous are teenagers these days? When I was one we managed to be mostly good without talking about it all the time. I found it hard to like any of the characters here. Sure the girls look great in bikinis, but there's no fun in this story, and the moral is so bluntly put across that I just felt I was being lectured to. This is like a crossover episode of Baywatch and Seventh Heaven.

The high point for me is the artwork. Yeah, half naked women drawn with long legs and cleavage. This is top notch artwork that any mainstram comic would be proud to call its own, though I don't like the way the faces are drawn for some reason. The book boasts an alternative ending option. If you spot the easter egg you can use it to unlock the other ending on the website. I didn't spot it, but then I didn't really feel like I needed to know another way the story could end.

In a Word: Flat or Cheesecake.

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