Paradise Lost 2 - My Father's Son

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Paradise Lost 2 - My Father's Son Writer(s): Jay Bonney
Artist(s): Colin Stanford & Michael McColm
Publishers: 430 Comics & Insomniac Press
From: England
Price: £ 1.50 (UK)

Liberty came form outer space and grew to be a superhero, fighting for the American Dream. With the death of his wife he has decided that he must do more to make the world a better place, and so he sets about taking actions against more than the common criminals. He attacks corrupt politicians, whalers, and he even acts against nuclear proliferation. Soon the whole world is up and arms over his interference in all manner of things. The American President decides it would be best to distance himself from Liberty, and perhaps take more drastic action.

Jay assumes an epic tone with this story of a hero taking things too far. Not having read part 1 I missed the set up of the character, but I managed to glean enough of the details to enjoy how the hero in this book is being created. Jay is presenting him as a man with doubts and emotions trying to do what's right. I was very soon engaged by this story. There is enough that is noble about him the he seems justified in his actions, bat at the same time doubts creep in.

Colin illustrates two of the chapters in this book with a very solid art style. Michael chapter is the weakest of the three, with his thin line work lacking the clarity of Colin’s work and his facial work is a bit creaky in places. It may be that Michael worked with larger scale originals, as his lettering has copied very patchy.

This is a strong piece of story telling which achieves a serious tone very quickly. When so often superheros are admired for feats of violence or used for pedestrian stories to makes some money for the comic companies, it is nice to see a new a story about a great man with lofty aspirations learning the hard way that doing best isn't always the same as doing right.

In a Word: Weighty.

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