Sprecken: The Destiny Dance

Posted: Tuesday, October 14, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Sprecken: The Destiny Dance Writer(s): Brian Meredith and Bard Taylor
Artist(s): Rick Forgus (p) and James Taylor (i)
Publishers: Rorschach Entertainment (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $2.50 (US)

Mr Midnight, a mysterious superhero from 1935, has recently found himself pushed forward in time to the year 2025. He's trying to keep a low profile working as a PI because it seems there aren't many super powered folks left in this time period. Trouble seems to find him though, with the appearance of a beautiful and mysterious woman needing his protection. No sooner does she ask than they are both under attack.

This book has a fractured quality to it, with a mix of genre thing going on. In cooking this is called Fusion, in comics it is usually just a mess. The creative team here keep things going at such a pace that the shallowness of the plot doesn't become an issue. There are enough fight scenes and for the superhero fans, a voice over for the PI fans and very little else.

The major appeal of this book for me is the artwork. It is reminiscent of the Batman Animated style to such an extent that the main villain looks a lot like Ra's Al Ghul. It's very energetic with lots of limbs breaking out of panels and such.

As a collection of old clichés and fight scenes this does just fine, but don't expect to be engrossed, challenged or even impressed by a plot that has no real drive apart from the need to half-heartedly explain what all the fighting’s about.

In a Word: Generic.

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