Ireland Based Zine Trade Resource Needs Help!

Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Ed (spudmonkey999) has been emailing zines, online punk/hc resources, internet radio broadcasts, labels, promoters, bands and anyone he thinks might be interested hoping to get a bit of help and general interest in the zine trade. Since he started two months ago he has been able to list nearly twenty zines from six different countries on the website.
The idea behind the website Ed told us was to encourage the worldwide trading of zines whether they are music, personal, political etc. Trading zines is a great way for those of us obsessed with the world of zinery to meet others worldwide who feel the same, so we can spend hours talking about layouts and stuff that bores the average joe.
Ed wants to ensure that this resource is for reliable trader's only: There is nothing worse than waiting patiently for a trade to arrive that never comes. I wanted to ensure that if someone on the zine trade was not responding i could be contacted and email them as to why.

There are only a few guidelines. Ed will not accept zines that are homophobic, sexist, racist or dodgy in anyway..I have no time for that sort of bullshit and if that seems harsh well then set a trading network up yourself. Ed als asked that when you send in your trades that you contact the zine writer before sending on your trade.. This way hopefully less confusion will arise.
Ed does his own zine called  Lucidity its 44 a5 pages, cut n paste full of rants adn ramblings, 1 uro a copy. E-mail him for bulk prices and postage costs.
Ed (spudmonkey999)
addy: Ed Hannon/ Downings Cross/ Prosperous/ Naas/ Co. Kildare/ Ireland.

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