Cactus Fusion Comics Now in Midtown!

Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

The folks at Cactus Fusion was proud to let us know that the that Altered Realities and Detour #0, the first two releases under the Cactus Fusion banner, are now available for purchase and ordering (at a discounted price!) from Midtown Comics in New York City!

Midtown Comics is located at
200 W 40th St. & 7th Ave. New York, NY 10018
Phone Numbers: 800-411-3341 or 212-302-8192

Here's the descriptions of these books

Altered Realities:
Drama! Action! Romance! SciFi! Crime! SuperHero! Adventure! SliceofLife! Horror! A multi genre 80 page anthology featuring Becky Cloonan(Demo), Jasen Lex(The Gypsy Lounge), Dick Troutman(Street Angel), John Greiner(Shiner), Caleb Gerard(, Andy MacDonald(More Fund Comics), Marco DiLeonardo(The Twins Chronicles), Sal Cipriano(Broken Donuts), and

Detour #0:
On an all too familiar island prison, the inmates fight to be on TV?! Cactus Fusion proudly presents the origin issue of Marco DiLeonardo's five issue miniseries, DETOUR: FLOG TV!

For more information on either book please contact Sal Cipriano at or 718-216-5443, or Marco DiLeonardo at or 718-263-5749.

Cactus Fusion is a combination of the writing and art skills of Sal Cipriano, Marco Dileonardo, and Andy MacDonald. Their goal is to produce quality comics for both the Cactus Fusion label and other comic book companies. For samples of their work see the following websites:

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