A call to all comic artists for a big favor!

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Chrizztee has a request:

I'm working now as an art 'teacher' for an after school program for grades K-5 and I have to come up with a different project each month (or as soon as I finish circulating through each school). Starting in November my project is going to be drawing comics. I made packets with stuff from kids' "how-to-draw" books, and I'll be doing live examples too. However-- some of the kids are way too young to draw and I'd like to have a few copies of things for them to color if they so choose.

Here is where YOU come in--

Would any of you be willing to draw a (fairly simple and age-appropriate) drawing that I could photocopy and let the kids color? I could just use pages from coloring books but I thought it would be much more fun and unique if I could get some real artists (meaning named individuals, rather than the faceless sapiens of Disney, etc.) to give them things. Please comment here or email christySTOP-@-SPAMnicheless.com if you are willing/able to help!

Thank you and if you do this I owe you!

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