Hobnail Review:

Posted: Tuesday, November 11, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hobnail Review: Creator(s): Ade Dimmick (ed)
Publishers: Hobnail Press (Self Published)
From: England
Price: 3 for £7.50

News, reviews and advice from the world of small and alternative press.

There's a tendency sometimes for small press comic creators to focus on the comics scene when there's a lot to be learnt from the wider small press scene. This zine collects a range of articles and brief reviews about various aspects of the scene in a clear and concise manner. Abe's got over 20 years in the small press and it shows in an interesting range of material.

There are a whole lot of short zine reviews covering categories such as Radical, Art & Literature, Esoteric, Review, Strange, Zine Scene and distro. You get contact details, synopsis and opinion. There are a few pages of longer reviews as well as some feature articles. The one on Football (Soccer) fanzines was interesting if a bit brief. A report on the pitfalls of vanity publishers was an eye-opener and well worth a read.

Amongst all this there are a few cartoons to satisfy the hard core comics fan. Perhaps if enough comic creators send Ade comics for review he might add a comic’s section? Worth a try, ‘cause the range of material here suggests this title will have a wide audience and that can't be bad. Get informed, get this!

In a Word: Useful.

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