Mass Comics Digest #1 & 2

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Mass Comics Digest #1 & 2 Creator(s): Jason Robert Yates
Publishers: Self Published
From: USA
Price: 1.50(US)

Roger is a bit of a scientist. Now in his retirement he is tinkering with a modest time travel device. At this stage in his research he need a human test subject. Luckily his friend Gil is always ready to help a friend, so he sits in the chair while the switches are thrown.... of course things go horribly wrong and Gil ends up looking like a monster, finds he can fly and smash stuff. But he can't have kids.

For a rather well worn plot these books do a more than fair job of keeping things light and amusing. No great character development so far but there are some hints of family problems and a visit from the ghost of his father. Gil tries to be positive in the face of all the strange goings on but even in his current state he isn't that strong.

Jason has a great eye for layouts. Working on the A5'ish pages often results in cramped artwork. In these books the panels float on the pages with lots of white space and text that links the images. It works to make the books very easy on the eyes and simple to follow. The characters are ably drawn with few flaws to be seen in the style. I especially like the way Jason draws a bear that attacks Gil. It looks nasty at the start and scared at the end.

Steady story telling on all fronts in these books, hopefully things get a bit more developed in later issues.

In a Word: Solid.

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