Shooting Star #2

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Shooting Star #2 Creator(s): Sean Taylor
Publishers: Shooting Star Comics (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: 4.95(US)

There are quite a few short sharp stores in this anthology. They contain a mix of super-hero, action and western tales.

38 Days A villain brakes out of prison to for fill a promise. In the process he has to take on a young super hero and lots and lots of SWAT troops. While the characters are threadbare the tone of this story grabs the readers attention. A great opener.

The Veil Psychic FBI shock troops investigate a theft from a museum and end up battling devil worshipers. Cramps in too many genres’ for things to make much sense.

Rainmaker another genre mixing story about a high tech rainmaker and annoyed local followers of Islam. Hi octane action with nifty graphics by Todd Fox

Nick Landime A kooky as hell strip about a guy getting dumped who is offered advice by a monkey.

Making a Name The superhero Bed Bug arrests and makes fun of a villain with a silly name. Very funny and very well drawn.

Feeling the Sting Pt 1 A golden age mystery man delivers expository dialogue to his grandson. Then a supposedly dead hero who turned bad turns up. Okay if you enjoy that kind of story but if you do, you've seen some of this before.

Interrogation of Specimen One A story right out of the twilight zone, and in case you didn't realise that they have Rod Sterling on hand to drive the point home. Effective.

The Yellow Devil A cool western comic with a Chinese gunfighter telling his story to the dime novel writer. He's not happy with the title Yellow Devil and a few locals aren’t two happy about him. Then the gunplay starts. An effective introduction the character and it doesn't hurt to have Timothy Truman looking after the artwork.

The artwork is of a consistently high standard through the collection and the stories all have a polished feel to them. In a perfect bound comic format this anthology has it's sights on reaching a wide audience. Not quite small press, but none the worse for it.

In a Word: Stella.

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