Starr Security #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Starr Security #2

Creators: Johnny Gonzales (W) & Floyd Choat (A)
Publisher: (Self Published)
Address: 749 Freedom Drive, Altus, OK73521, USA.
Price: $(US)

Tammy Star and Kevin Rourke make a great detective team, Kevin used to pro wrestler so he knows how to throw is weight around, while Tammy has the looks and the martial arts moves to do her fair share of dealing with the goons. The case they have to deal with this issue involves finding the missing daughter of pornography publisher Robert Allen Worthington.

These detectives are on the trail again in this enjoyable series from Floyd and Johnny. The dialogue is full of enough wisecracks and bad guy bravado to satisfy any noir fan. The little quirks that the creators slip into the genre tale make for a pleasurable read.

Sadly Floyd pasted away in late 2002, so this is the last opportunity for readers to appreciate his bold artwork. Full of strong use of straight lines and angular jaws, the pages are eye-catching in their use of detail and contrasting textures.

The plot is the usual cross/double cross/trip cross with a twist so no nothing earth shattering, but if you love guys and dames with big guns doing anything for another dollar then these beat going to jail.

In a Word: Loaded.

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