Indonesian Comics: Quick Komik Queries with Sektekomik

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: John Weeks - Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

Cover of Indonesian Comics:  Quick Komik Queries with Sektekomik

Interviewees Alfi, Reza, Era. Translation assist by Agung Komikaze.

John Weeks: How long has Sektekomik been working?

Sektekomik (via Agung): Since 1992, in 1994 became a real community.

JW: How many people are in Sektekomik now?

SK: Now about twenty people active.

JW: Some people inactive?

SK: Natural selection.

JW: Is there an anthology done by Sektekomik?

SK: They publish 4 compilations beginning in 1999 from now, once a year. The compilation is like a bible [big]. The content is from members, it is published, they put it in [a] table.

JW: Many of the people in Sektekomik are working professionally as comic artists, designers?

SK: In Malaysia, Jakarta...

JW: There are members in Malaysia?

SK: There used to be in Malaysia but not now.

JW: So the 'Malaysia chapter' is inactive.

JW: Are these komiks for fun, when they're finished with their jobs?

SK: They have one mission -

JW: 'One Mission'! And that mission is?

SK: OK, which is (discussion) can be separate way like Alfie doing comic and guys doing other komik but... Give the public awareness about what is going on in this country and in people's lives.

JW: And also dirty jokes.
(Laughter, some discussion).

SK: They also made a comic, the main theme is 'fucking is for all nationalities united'.

JW: Oh really? On that theme, has doing komiks changed their sex life in any way?

SK: Do sex for making komik, better. Is better. [Some dissent from other members of the crew.] Not me! Me not so good.

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