Indonesian Comics: Quick Komik Queries with Komik Cinta

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: John Weeks - Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

Cover of Indonesian Comics:  Quick Komik Queries with Komik Cinta

Beng Rahadian and I sat down with Suryo Nugroho, one half of the Komik Cinta [Love Comic] team for some short questions as the PKAN 4 convention closed down. They were exhibiting under the studio name Jokomik. (Many thanks to Beng for translation help.)

John Weeks: How long have they done Komik Cinta?

Suryo Nugroho (via Beng Rahadian): Began 6 months ago.

JW: How many issues?

SN: 1 issue. It's an anthology, inside the comic, 10 stories.

JW: For Komik Cinta, it's all love stories, is that right?

SN: Yes, and behind the story it's all true stories.

JW: How did they get the stories, did they ask the friends or did they advertise?

SN: There is some story from the creator, and some story from their friends.

JW: How many copies did they print?

SN: Fifty books in one month.

JW: Only fifty? Wow, it's a nice production. And where do they sell the the books?

SN: Put the comic book in the local bookstore and sell hand by hand.

JW: Will they do another Komik Cinta?

SN: Yes, 2nd book.

JW: What do they do for their jobs to make money?

SN: They make other comics for order.

JW: They do professional comics? Professional comics, graphic design?

SN: Yes.

JW: Thanks.

I later got a chance to see some of the nonprofit comics done by Suryo Nugroho, which are also interesting and worthy of review. (Maybe next trip to Indonesia!)

Komik Cinta
Suryo Nugroho / Joko Purwanto

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