Indonesian Comics: Quick Komik Queries with Studio Komik Kasa

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: John Weeks - Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

Cover of Indonesian Comics:  Quick Komik Queries with Studio Komik Kasa

In addition to big companies and animation studios, PKAN IV Convention saw some small student groups showing their work.

One example of these is from the Yogyakarta area.

John Weeks: What is the name of the group?

Prima: Kasa, Kafe Kasa.

JW: How many people are involved?

P: There are ten people but maybe six who come all the time.

JW: Is it around a school?

P: Yes, UGM + UII. And then there's ten people - one man and nine women.

JW: I see some are influenced by manga. Is the focus Japanese style?

P: Not Japanese style, we're trying to find our own style. But of course, many adopt first and then can create their own style.

JW: And what is the name of the anthology? How many copies did you make for your kompilasi?

P: Komik Kasa 1 & 2, fifty copies.

JW: How did Kasa begin?

P: It began from Sufa - our friend, she wanted to create a community who loves comics. And then who can draw or create a comic, we can explore our talent and sell our product. It's like that.

JW: Kasa is mostly women, at the convention it's mostly guys.

P: Yeah, when we announced, only women were interested with that, and only one man. That's why we're all women.

JW: Are people surprised when you say you do komiks?

P: No, they think it's it's OK. Actually they think it's common for women to create komik because they don't know the reality that mostly men do that. Our comic studio is the first in our faculty [area of study at the Universities].

JW: How often does the group meet?

P: Bimonthly. We were set up about a year ago, and became active a few months later.

JW: Thank you.



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