Quick Komik Queries with Eko Nugroho - Anthologist, Daging Tumbuh

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: John Weeks - Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

Cover of Quick Komik Queries with Eko Nugroho - Anthologist, Daging Tumbuh

At the PKAN 4 convention cartoonists copied their jam strips and latest efforts courtesy of a photocopier rented by the artist pictured above. This can be seen as characteristic of Eko Nugroho's enthusiasm and encouragement of diversity in his anthology Daging Tumbuh. [Diseased Tumor]

Many thanks to Agung Komikaze for translation assistance.

John Weeks: You're part of the group Daging Tumbuh, what does that mean? How would you explain it?

Eko Nugroho: The meaning is something about -

Agung Komikaze: something dirty...

EN: ..dirty, dirty thing. You know in here Daging Tumbuh is like tumor, something. Everybody hear - 'Oh, terrible' - like that. Why I use the name of Daging Tumbuh? Everyday, every time I say 'Daging Tumbuh' not many meanings in this Daging Tumbuh, I like that. And everybody should know about Daging Tumbuh is not again like a tumor but is a comic book.

JW: When did Daging Tumbuh start?

EN: In the year of 2000, in Juni of 2000, Daging Tumbuh is out for the first time, then with the title of 'Breast'. [Press or Breast?]. And the number two is in December 2000, the title is 'President vs. Komik'. And then the number 3 in Juni again, every Juni and December I print this comic.

JW: Every six months.

EN: And three for edition is ... you say for 'cut the wood'? [makes motion of sawing.]

JW: Uh, saw the wood?

EN: 'Saw the Orange Juice'.

JW: Okay!

EN: And number 4 is Circus. Number five is -

AK: - 'Tearing down the Holiday'

JW: The holiday of?

AK: like tearing down a wall, but is not a wall, is a holiday.

EN: you can what (mimes spitting) you can say this -

JW: Spit -

EN: 'Tear down the holy spit.' Some times the meaning is not -

JW: sounds like word play, play with words does not always translate...

EN: And then 'the deadly kicker from the young pineapple'. And then the seventh is infection from the Petrol.

JW: Right, Double Infection Petrol/Kerosene. And how many copies of this do you make?

EN: In one edition we only 35. In two edisi, number two is fifty, number two is one hundred, number four, five, six, seven one hundred fifty.

JW: and the people in Daging Tumbuh, how many are there?

EN: Many people have this Daging Tumbuh, because- [pauses to consult with Agung].

AK: - is a temporary member.

EN: Only me have a monitoringof Daging Tumbuh. Every six months I must do again. Every edition I have many friends to help me. Like Agung, like Matirasa [another group of artists]. I use like this: I open one month before he uh.. publish, with some posters, I have news to give to everywhere, in Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, like that, I waiting for one month, everybody can give [to] this art book.

JW: And they mail to you?

EN: Yeah. And they ask what kind of size, what kind of size, we can buy where.

JW: So anybody can join if they fit the idea of the anthology. You must find some interesting new artists that you've never met before.

EN: Yeah! (Laughter)

Including in this Daging Tumbuh we thinkingthis is about the photocopy. Everybody can give work in photocopy, including anything you want - drawing, painting...

JW: In the realm of visual art.

EN: In here, the famous painting in this town, we photocopy this painting, and send to Daging Tumbuh, because I must have a good communication. [Pause for discussion with Agung]

JW: So anything within the world of photocopy, it's very 'fotokopian' as Didoth Komiks said. Did you begin this in art school?

EN: I'm still studying - almost finished, only thesis.

AK: Art Institute of Indonesia.

JW: Just a moment while I write this down.

EN: Major in painting.

JW: It must cost money to fund Daging Tumbuh.

AK: Everyone who wants to participate in this, they give Eko a little money, twenty thousand rupiah (about $2.50 USA) Everybody can give money or not, it's flexible.

EN: If he give money, and we finish, after he give the money I give one [anthology]. If he didn't give the money, he must buy in Agung's store.... (laughter)

JW: So this is continuing every six months. I also wanted to ask what kind of response Daging Tumbuh has gotten. Some people must like, some must not like.

EN: Many people they have some curiosity about the content of Daging Tumbuh. They are too afraid about this book is...

Agung: Some people are too afraid of this book because the content is to political, too radical. Sometimes too pornographic.

EN: But they don't know. Every underground is thinking about pornography or radicalism.

Agung: sometimes the police or government the state apparatus - sometime a little worry about the content about the anthology.

JW: But they haven't come to bother you yet. That's good. You began in year 2000?

EN: Free. I distribute the first time hand to hand. And then I sell in the music [shops], the opening of the exhibition, the theatre. Book over here, and uh, center of interest with lighting, and I just walking or talking and you just buy like that. And then now I have distro like Agung, distro in Bandung, Jakarta. I give not many, twenty, ten.

I have an exhibition at Cemeti art house, I have a collaboration with everybody who informs Daging Tumbuh. And the next in October 24, Daging Tumbuh and me, Biennial of Yogya.

I will collaborate with Komikaze, all my friends, I want to make some [pause for translation] market. Everybody can have fun, can play games, we have to rent a photocopier again, [laughter] having fun with this photocopy. I must discuss about this with my team.

JW: Well everybody, 2004 October come out to Yogya. Sounds like a big job, but sounds like you enjoy what you do.

AK: actually Eko was supported by many many friends.

EN: We're all friends, I like make compilation, helping together, is good relationship with artists. Is good for the future.

JW: Sounds like a good way to conclude so we'll leave it there.

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