Indonesian Comics: Quick Komik Queries with: Agung 'Komikaze'

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: John Weeks - Silver Bullet Roving Reporter

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Agung 'Komikaze' is a comic artist, illustrator and web designer. We caught up with him at the 'PKAN 4' Indonesian National Convention of Comics and Animation, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

John Weeks: Komikaze is a website for Indonesian comics?

Agung Komikaze: Yes, I think so; but it's not only Indonesian comics but it can be local underground comics too.

JW: When did you start Komikaze ?

AK: I start Komikaze as a project beginning from 1999.

JW: Wow. And how has it been received?

AK: ...beginning first with a small komik. Referendum about East Timor. After that in 2000, I start to do the website and focus on the medium. So the focus is, yes, independent media.

JW: There are not many Indonesian comics websites. Is it difficult to do?

AK: It's not so difficult. I learn by myself, and just...GO.

JW: You also done komiks of your own. Does the website take time away from that?

AK: Not really. I'm still doing print komiks. Just go on internet and write something, do something...

JW: I've seen Haram Jadah [a comics commentary magazine] and also 'Drop Out For Beginners'. You've also appeared in Daging Tumbuh ['Diseased Tumor'] and Blank Magazine. When did you start doing underground small press komiks?

AK: I start making komiks in high school for fun, and I distribute to close friends.

I start making self-published underground komiks from 1988. I start with some friends who have some ideas...

We look at komik as a medium, not just a project. We can express our thought, we can express our art sense, like that.

JW: Have you gone to art school? I notice 'School is Dead' - this reflects your thoughts on school? Can you tell us how this title came to be?

AK: I was in Gadjah Mada University, I took sociology.

JW: So you are a 'Komik Sociologist'.

AK: Yep! But ah, I never finished my college. I go to art school too, I study graphic design for one year.

In college I have activity in journalism - college magazine from 1994 to 1998.

JW: And now 'School is Dead'?

AK: It's just a reflection about what's going on in Indonesia right now, school is very expensive, not many can access the education. I think Indonesia needs to make education cheap. For everybody.

JW: You've been doing seminars at this [PKAN 4] convention - 'School is Dead', but teaching is free. And you also produce teaching texts: Che Guevara for Beginners. Can you tell us about that?

AK: I have friends from NGOs , very interested in alternative published books; left issues. I just help them to publish, this book came out this year. The convention is announcing it [the release].

JW: Always good to have a new book for the convention!

Agung Komikaze
Gambiran UH V/225 Yogyakarta 55161 Indonesia

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