Dagingtumbah (Diseased Tumor) Vol 7

Posted: Tuesday, December 23, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dagingtumbah (Diseased Tumor) Vol 7

Creator: Various
Publisher: (Self Published)
Address: Indonesia
Price: ?

A big anthology of Indonesian comics. The language barrier means most of this is beyond me, which is my loss because there is a great mix of art styles here. Much of it has a cut-up/dada look to it. There are also lots of things that have a universal meaning, so Arie Dyanto's story, which contains a woman holding the heart of a guy, made sense to me.

Tera's strange robotic techno creations with TV for heads and retro cameras for eyes made me laugh.

Andre Cacings's story with the large condom seeming to give a public health message might be helpful, might be silly, but it can't help but get people's attention.

Aguag Kurniawan gives us a wordless story made up of empty streets, open doorways and half glimpsed security fences. Very spooky.

Junus Emprit's Unexpected people are great symbolic portraits of kinds of people. They are very iconic images that would make great T-shirts.

This collection has a lot of work in it so can't help but be great value for money, just make sure you brush up on your Indonesian to make the most of it. John Week, our agent in the field tells me that the group behind this book are anti-copyright, so if you know someone with a copy feel free to make your own.

In a Word: Other

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