Eclipse & Vega #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 30, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Eclipse & Vega #2

Creators: Saul Colt (w), Christopher M. Eisert (p, i), Bill Jankowski (i) and John Warren (i).
Publisher: SSS Comics (Self Published)
Address: 58 Durie Lane, Thornhill, Ontario L3T-5HS, Canada.
Price: $2.95 (US)

The two new female superheros made an impact in the media with their exploits as chronicled in issue one. Now there is trouble in the team as Vega resents they way Eclipse hogs the limelight, and feels that the media are twisting the truth to suit their own ends. Added to this, their first ever foe is planning to strike at them from his prison cell...

For an independent superhero comic to gain any traction in the current market they have find an edge over the mainstream characters that have a built in audience and colour production. This book seems to be banking on the looks of the two heroines as its selling point, because the story relies on fairly standard superhero daring do for the plot. The characters are very thinly developed, almost as thin as their costumes. On the positive site the dialogue is fun in the hilariously ditzy way the two women talk.

With its emphasis on looks you expect a high standard of artwork and there's certainly some good work on show. Christopher does all the pencils (apart from the horn cover) and is no slouch when dealing with the anatomical details of the characters, and fits a lot of details in every panel. His style reminds me of Bart Sears work with its very 'metallic' look to the musculature and sometimes-ugly facial grimaces. Because of the level of detail characters and surroundings tend to blend into each other making the pages quite flat and undramatic, not making the most of the skills of the art team.

Fans of half naked b-girl art could do worse that giving this the once over, others might find it an amusing but flawed light read.

In a Word: Cleavage.

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