Taken #1-5

Posted: Tuesday, December 30, 2003
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Taken #1-5

Creator: Barry Rodgers
Publisher: Big Beard Comics (Self Published)
Address: 3226 Thomas St, Irving, TX75061, USA.
Price: $1(US) each

In a city in the desert there is a small town. The inhabitants there worship a cube. For some reason known only to him one person decides to steal the cube and dispose of it. Soon the community is thrown into turmoil as they first try and find the stolen idol and then look for a replacement.

These mini-comics might be wordless but that just means anyone in the world will be able to enjoy the story. Barry's illustrates the story in a spare style, keeping things simple but effective. The people in the story have amusing bug-like features and scurry around in their long robes.

The ideas about worship and belief behind this story are universal and it makes some important observations regarding the mob mentality. Some of the more dogmatic thinkers in the world might learn something from reading these comics, though it might be to late for them. This series is a refreshing example of the art of small press comics. Nothing here to fault with effective art and a though provoking story in a satisfying format

In a Word: Philosophical

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