Nakedfella Comics #8

Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Nakedfella Comics #8 Creator(s): David Blumenstein
Publishers: Self Published
From: Australia
Price: $5 (Aus)

David takes a lighthearted look at a range of topics in this anthology of well draw comics. There are a few short strips plus a 16-page entry in the 24-hour comic craze.

The documentary approach of Tales of Culture Jamming makes for an intriguing read, giving an insight in to one flavour of protest against global corporations. It's all about style and performance, a comic bound music video for the cause, lacking in information but it might spur some readers to follow up on the issues. The Is it Time to go Home Yet? strip makes for more entertaining reading as we see what a nominated driver has to put up with on an evening out with his mates. The parties look okay but when you can’t drink and everyone else is conversation isn't much of an option. Poor guy.

The artwork on show in this book is attractive and reader friendly. It adds to the humor of the comics and works with the dialogue to get David’s ideas across. The quality is highlighted by the contrasting unfinished work in the 24-hour comic story. The story makes a feature of the unfinished look of the art, ending with pages that look rushed and basic.

While I can imprecate the freedom to experiment that the 24-hour comic challenge allows, the rush to get stories done results in a lot of comics that pettier out as creators loose consciousness. I blame Scott McCloud; encouraging people to rush the creative process as if that's good. Sorry, for the most part 24 hour comics should stay in the artist's drawing book 'cause they say to the reader This isn't the best I can do but hey, it's all about the process.

This collection on the whole looks great and is a fun read, and no naked fellas appear to have been harmed in the making of the comic.

In a Word: Revealing.

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